The AT&T Conference Center and Hotel

Visiting from out of town? Book a room at the conference hotel, send us your confirmation code, and we'll send you a discount link for a $100 ticket.

Since 2013, our Austin conferences have been held at the city's premier event facility - one of the most warm and welcoming conference venues in the country - the AT&T Conference Center at the University of Texas.


One of the many highlights of the AT&T is the tiered classrooms. With an outlet at every seat, you'll never have to worry about battery life during a hands-on session.


The AT&T Conference Center is home to the five star Carillon Restaurant. This is the same kitchen that will prepare the meals for the Texas Scalabilty Summit.


No matter where your session is at the AT&T, you're never more than a few steps to a patio or courtyard.


You'll never have to walk far for a free espresso, we place multiple machines throughout the conference center.


If you need a break between sessions, we open the bar just after lunch and keep it open through the evening.