The Inaugural Texas Scalability Summit

Take advantage of our discount room block at the conference hotel.

Each year at the Data Day Texas conference, we've gotten an increasing number of requests for topics that didn't fall within the domain of a data conference. Many of these requests focused on scalability, resilience, and performance. After consulting with key members of the Texas community, we decided to launch a separate conference - The Texas Scalability Summit.

Lukas Biewald, Co-Founder of Weights and Biases, speaking at Data Day Texas 2018. This will be the keynote room for the Texas Scalability Summit.

What topics will be covered at the Summit?

Chaos Engineering • Cloud Native Systems • Containers • DevOps • DevSecOps • Distributed Data • Emerging Tech • Kubernetes • Microservices • MLOps • Monitoring and Observability • Production Engineering • Resilient Systems • Secure Systems • Serverless • Site Reliability Engineering

The one and only Martin Fowler, of Thoughtworks, speaking at the most recent Data Day Texas.

Speak at the Texas Scalability Summit!

Are you working on something cool and want to share it with the community? Send us a proposal. You can find all the details on the Proposals Page. There is no firm cutoff date for proposals. We continue to accept submissions until available session slots are full.