The Summit Schedule

Take advantage of our discount room block at the conference hotel.

8:00 am

Registration and Morning Coffee (3rd floor pre-function area)

9:00 am

Boyd Hemphill : Welcome to the Texas Scalability Summit - 3rd Floor - Salon C

9:15 am

Opening Keynote Heidi Waterhouse : How to Lose a Launch- 3rd Floor - Salon C

10:05 am

Kubernetes Keynote Kris Nova (Sysdig) : Advanced kernel security in Kubernetes with eBPF - 3rd Floor - Salon C
Chris McCraw (Netlify) : How to Scale your Customer Experience - 3rd Floor - Salon D/E
Sandeep Parikh (Google) : Service Mush: Debugging Istio Workloads - 2nd Floor - Classroom 203

10:55 am

Gustavo Franco (Google) : Scaling SRE organizations - 3rd Floor - Salon C
Brian Hall (Expero) : Case Study: Comprehensive Scaling and Capacity Planning with k8s, Terraform, Ansible and Gatling - 3rd Floor - Salon D/E

11:45 am

Zack Bloom (CloudFlare) : Isolate Computing - 3rd Floor - Salon C
Preetha Appan (HashiCorp) : Who guards the guardians? Designing for resilience in cluster orchestrators - 3rd Floor - Salon D/E

12:25 pm

Buffett Lunch Served in the Tejas Room (2nd floor)


Seth Vargo (Google) : Base64 is not encryption - a better story for Kubernetes Secrets - 3rd Floor - Salon C
Alex Rasmussen (Bits On Disk) : Schema Evolution Patterns - -3rd Floor - Salon D/E


Aaron Schlesinger (Microsoft) : Kubernetes is Still Hard for App Developers, Let’s Fix That! - 3rd Floor - Salon C
Graham Ganssle (Expero) : Productionizing Deep Learning in Health Care - 3rd Floor - Salon D/E


Tim Bonci (Cimpress) : How I failed to build a runbook automation system and what I learned - 3rd Floor - Salon C
Paige Roberts / Deepak Majeti (Vertica) : Kubernetes for Stateful MPP systems - 3rd Floor - Salon D/E
Karhtik Gaekwad (Oracle) : Security in the FaaS lane - 2nd Floor - Classroom 203


Afternoon break
Coffee - Cash Bar


Rajesh Raman (SignalFx) : Kick-starting a culture of observability and data-driven DevOps - 3rd Floor - Salon C
Bill Plein (Diamanti) : Kubernetes in Production - A Customer’s Journey - 3rd Floor - Salon D/E
Kris Nova (Sysdig) : Falco Workshop - 2 hours - 2nd Floor - Classroom 203


Park Kittipatkul (SignalFx) : Building Maintainable, Observable Applications on Multi Cloud Serverless Architecture - 3rd Floor - Salon C